Time to get political.

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June 12, 2016 by absolutemotion

I find it hard to believe I have friends saying last nights tragedy in Orlando is not about guns. It is. It’s also about fanaticism, hate, intolerance, bad politics and human error.

And it’s also about the media itself trying to report a story, sometimes honestly but too often it’s about others advancing their own agendas, spreading even more fear and hate. The vitriol I’m seeing online shouldn’t surprise me, but still it does.
“Orlando” always represented two things to me: touristy theme parks, and a quiet, safe place to live. But I am also proud that it’s a welcoming and diverse city, and after 28 years I am ultimately proud to be part of it. It saddens me that now there will always be a third connotation, like Newtown or Aurora.

I can’t believe we are saying this again (and again and again), but what will it take for people to take some action on this? Assault rifles? Really? How can this not be more obvious?

And you can add in the years-long war against our own people’s freedoms. Civil rights. Voter suppression. Decades of hate against the LGBT community, fueled by legislators attempting to legitimize intolerance. The rants against religious beliefs and the outright bigotry by presidential candidates and other politicians. This is crazy.

Many of us say they are ashamed or embarrassed right now to be Americans. Donald Trump’s repulsive tweets today in particular made me sick to my stomach.

But I still believe the the vast majority are good, decent people who know right from wrong. At least I hope so. We need to treat each other with respect and tolerance, and teach that to our children.

This is a horrible tragedy, and I’m not saying anything here that’s deep or new. And that’s a shame as well.

People should know better. I’m disappointed so many don’t.

I feel terrible for all those who are suffering from this tragedy. Let’s hope we can move forward and make the best efforts to prevent these events from recurring on such a seemingly regular basis.




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