Rampant Design Tools Does it again


May 31, 2016 by absolutemotion

Today I had a chance to try out “Premiere Essentials” and “RealCam PR Handheld Presets”, two of the latest products from Sean and Stefanie Mullen, the brains (and beauty) behind Rampant Design Tools.

I’ve been a fan of their drag and drop effects since I first saw them at NAB three years ago (2013), and can not express how much better (and easier) my work has been since I  started using them.

Keeping in the spirit of making video editors lives much simpler, these drag and drop presets for Adobe Premiere Pro are awesome time savers. Rather than applying rendered quicktime files, these are actual presets that have been created within Premiere that make for instant blurs and transitions, a large variety of vignette effects, application of real camera movement to existing footage, plus a couple dozen more nifty transitions, crops and color grading effects.

Everything about this collection is super easy to use. “Installation”, if it can be called that, is as simple as a one time import of a single file for each of the two sets (you don’t even have to restart Premiere). Using them is even easier– just drag a selection from a list of presets onto your clip, and that’s it. Any required filters and any necessary keyframes are automatically applied, instantly. No third party plugins are required either, everything is native Adobe.

As an experienced pro I technically could have created settings like this myself, but obviously my time is more valuable (or I’d have done it by now). But for a crazy low price Rampant has done all the work for us.

I’m excited to start using these, and especially happy about enjoying the time saved from not doing all that extra work myself.

Well done, Rampant.

(For the record, I was provided a copy of both preset collections for review purposes.)

Here’s the promo video for Premiere Essentials:


Here’s the product page for Premiere Essentials:


Here’s the promo for RealCam PR:


Here’s the product page for RealCam PR:



2 thoughts on “Rampant Design Tools Does it again

  1. Ivan says:

    Nice review! Any chance this product works with Adobe Premiere CS5.5 or CS6?


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