Shouldn’t seven TV channels be enough?

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June 2, 2014 by absolutemotion


I’m switching from cable to DirecTV this week. The first year offers good discounts, but unbundling my cable internet nullifies most of the savings after that. Nonetheless the added features should be worth it.

Signed up through my TelCo, but for grins asked a DirecTV guy at a Costco kiosk if he had a better deal. He totally slammed the package I had now, at one point saying I was flat out lied to and his deal was much better. So I took a photo of the numbers he offered on his dry erase board (can’t write them down on paper or it becomes an offer from Costco) and later compared directly with my current deal. Ha! He was $5/month higher!

All this says is how out of whack TV has become. Buying my house was half this complicated. I’m a big TV watcher, but still… hundreds of dollars a month for mid-range broadband and a zillion premium channels I probably won’t watch. Maybe the days of seven VHF channels and no home recording was better for all of us (except perhaps for Game of Thrones, that I’m not ready to give up!).

TV, the opiate of the people. And I’m an addict.


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